University Policy for Insurance on Study Abroad Students

In accordance with SUNY health insurance requirements, all students participating in study abroad / exchange programs affiliated with SUNY are required to be adequately insured. If you have private insurance:
  • Print and complete the Study Abroad Waiver of Insurance Form. Be sure to indicate the name of your insurance provider and your policy number.
  • Submit clarification of benefits form, after it is completed by your insurance company
  • Include proof of private insurance, such as an insurance ID card.
  • Print and complete the MedEvac Enrollment Form to apply for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage.
  • Return the completed packet to the Student Medical Insurance Office 315 Student Union
If you have no health coverage or insufficient coverage abroad:
  • Print and complete the Study Abroad Enrollment Form to apply for the full International Insurance plan.
  • View benefit brochure for international plan.
  • Return form to the Student Medical Insurance Office before you depart on your Study Abroad.

Warnings and Advice

WARNING: If your paperwork is not received before you depart, you will automatically be billed for the entire international health insurance plan. NO EXCEPTIONS.

PRIVATE INSURANCE: Many private insurance plans only extend minimal coverage to you once you leave the U.S. If you are planning to use your private insurance overseas, it is in your best interest to know how your insurance will work for you in your host country.

In order to be approved for waiver, you must have coverage that will directly pay international providers for emergency and non-emergency services. Call the Customer Service department of your insurance company and ask questions about:
  • Will my coverage directly pay international providers ?
  • How do I find a doctor in the country I will be staying in ?
  • What are out-of-pocket costs associated with seeking medical care abroad ?
RETURN TO STUDY: If you return to UB as a full-time student after your Study Abroad, you will be charged for the UB Domestic Student Medical Insurance in the semester you return. If you do not want that coverage, you must complete a Domestic Waiver when you return to UB.

DATES OF COVERAGE: Please note that the international insurance is effective only when you are out of the country and that the coverage terminates upon your return to the United States.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage

Medical evacuation benefits provide for the arrangement and payment of medical and travel expenses to the nearest appropriate facility, or return home, when seriously ill or injured. Repatriation benefits cover expenses related to the preparation and return of remains to the family in the event of death abroad.

It is mandatory for all Study Abroad participants to carry medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.

MedEvac coverage is already included as a benefit if you purchase the full SUNY international insurance plan.